Eviction Services

The Law Office of Donna Hearne-Gousse represents landlords and tenants in the eviction process. We have a long track record of success on both sides of the eviction process. For landlords, we have successfully expedited the eviction process many times over with quick results and minimal out of pocket expense. For tenants, we have defended and protected the rights of many that have been the target of unruly owners.

If you are in need of eviction services, it is important to know that your best interests are protected by a knowledgable, experienced and reputable eviction attorney.

Uncontested Eviction Process:

  • Post a 3 business day notice.
  • File eviction lawsuit with the county court.
  • Serve tenant with summons.
  • If no response after five days, request for default.
  • File for final judgment of eviction with judge.
  • If tenant is still on the property, issue a writ of possession.
  • Schedule with sheriff for removal of tenant.

Contested Eviction Process Includes All of the Above Plus the Possiblity of:

  • Prolonged litigation
  • Hearings
  • Mediation
  • Trial

If you are a tenant and are served an eviction notice:

  • You have three business days to contest the notice.
  • We advise seeking legal representation immediately.

Whether a landlord or tenant, our firm provides the representation that is necessary to protect your interests throughout the eviction process.

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