Refinance Closing Cost Estimator

This calculator is used to determine the Title Insurance premium, related Title/Closing fees and applicable government recording fees for a refinance transaction. Rates are based on the new loan amount.

As a current homeowner, we may be able to provide you with a discounted title insurance premium by utilizing a reissued credit. Please contact our office for details.

Loan Amount
Promulgated Title Insurance Premium
Ballon Mortgage Endorsement
Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ALTA 6) Endorsement
Condo (ALTA 4.1) Endorsement
PUD (ALTA 5.1) Endorsement
Environmental Protection (ALTA 8.1) Endorsement 25.00
Florida Form 9 Endorsement
Other Endorsements
Total Endorsements
Total Title Insurance Premium
Title/Closing Fee 550.00
Lender's Policy (Simultaneous Issue)
Documentary Stamp Tax on Note
Intangible Tax on Mortgage
Mortgage Recording Fees (assuming 25 pages)
Total Closing Costs
  Recalculate automatically


Other variables that could affect your cost:

  • Location of the subject property
  • Specific lender requirements
  • Any other unknown costs

This calculator is intended for estimation purposes only.
Please contact us for a customized quote.

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