Contract Negotiations

A real estate transaction is one of the largest and most significant transactions that can occur. At The Law Office of Donna Hearne-Gousse, P.A., we are trained to guide our clients and protect their best interests. So whether you are the buyer or the seller in a real estate transaction, our law firm can represent you from contract inception through closing.


As home values in the South Florida market have declined, buyers are presented with a rare opportunity to purchase real estate at what is considered very low prices. However, with that opportunity does come some risk. In today’s market, the majority of properties are either short sales or bank-owned properties. Because of this, a knowledgeable real estate attorney is more valuable than ever before to you and your transaction. Without attorney representation, buyers are at risk for unforeseen expenses and liabilities that were never anticipated.

Our firm protects buyers who are involved in these higher risk transactions. Among a long list of checks and balances, we review the bank’s addendum and all title documents for matters that will affect you in the future as the new property owner. Based on our findings, we advise our clients accordingly throughout the entire transaction, providing security, peace of mind, and protection from possible risks and liabilities.


Sellers should have the advice and guidance of a real estate attorney throughout the transaction as well. Some of the important matters that need attention are:

  • The brokerage listing agreement.
  • Review of offers.
  • The purchase agreement and its conditions.
  • Title status.
  • Income Tax scenarios.

Our firm provides the security and protection necessary to complete your sale in a manner that is most advantageous to our selling clients.

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